Trailer-Mounted Platforms

Ommelift EXJ, EX

A specific benefit that trailer-mounted booms offer is that they can be easily and flexibly transported. The machines can be easily connected to and disconnected from the towing fitting of the vehicle and easily manoeuvred at the site as they are equipped with their own drive unit. Also, the platform can be lifted and lowered quickly. It can be towed by a wide range of vehicles and it is therefore not necessary to arrange for rather costly transport.

Ommelift E, EJ

Compact design and high mobility of platforms makes them an ideal option for rental. The trailer-mounted telescopic booms are most often supplied with the set of batteries. Thus, the machines do not have to be connected to the grid when operated. This allows for their wide indoor and outdoor use. The “Mini” series is a low-cost option of very compact design that is specially intended to perform simple tasks.

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TypeBrandMax. working heightCapacityPower typeDatasheet


Ommelift 14,60 m125 kg230V / batteryDownloadDetail

1500 EX / EXB

Ommelift 15.0 m230 kg230V / battery / diesel / petrolDetail

1700 EX / EXB

Ommelift 16,80 m200 kg230V / battery / diesel / petrolDownloadDetail

1830 EX / EXB

Ommelift 18,30 m200 kg230V / battery / diesel / petrolDownloadDetail

2300 EX / EXB

Ommelift 22,60 m200 kg230V / battery / diesel / petrolDownloadDetail


TypeBrandMax. working heightCapacityPower typeDatasheet


Ommelift 11,90 m125 kg230V / batteryDownloadDetail

1300 E / EB

Ommelift 12,80 m200 kg230V / battery / diesel / petrolDownloadDetail

2100 E / EB / EBD Hybrid

Ommelift 21,15 m200 kg230V / battery / diesel / petrolDownloadDetail

2500 E / EB / EBD Hybrid

Ommelift 25,10 m200 kgBi-Energy D/E DownloadDetail

2900 E / EBD / EBD Hybrid

Ommelift 29,00 m200 kgBi-Energy D/E DownloadDetail

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