Telescopic Boom Lifts

You will need this machine in the event that you require the horizontal reach between 9.65 m and 24.38 m and working heights from 14.2 m to 56.86 m. It is an excellent choice if the operator needs to work in greater distance from the base where the terrain and other obstacles prevent the work in close proximity to the given workplace. Models with JIB can reach even places that are difficult to reach and places above and below various obstacles. The platform providing high performance, high travelling speed and lifting height.

GENIE ® Super boom lifts  combine maximum reach with exceptional manoeuvrability. They are equipped with a robust diesel engine, fourwheel drive and independent steering of all four wheels; the wheels are filled with foam for fast and easy establishing of the working position. These durable work machines are designed for difficult conditions and challenging environments, such as steelworks or harbours. An integrated sensor allows for automatic control of the work diagram and load, thus providing comfort to operators during manipulation with the machine.

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TypeManufacturerMax. working heightCapacityPowertrainDatasheet

S-40 XC / S-40 TraX

GENIE 14,20 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

S-45 XC / S-45 TraX

GENIE 15,72 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

S-60 J

GENIE 20,30 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

S-60 / S-60 TraX

GENIE 20,30 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

S-65 XC / S-65 TraX

GENIE 21,80 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

S-80 J

GENIE 26,34 m300 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

S-80 XC

GENIE 26,38 m454 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

S-85 XC

GENIE 27,91 m454 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

SX-105 XC

GENIE 34,00 m454 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

S-120 HD

38,58 m340 kgdiesel engineDetail

SX-125 XC

GENIE 40,10 m454 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

SX-135 XC

GENIE 43,15 m454 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail


GENIE 48,33 m340 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail


GENIE 56,86 m340 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

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