Articulated Boom Lifts

Electric booms

The right choice indoors for the reach from 10.89 m to 20.16 m. Ideal for “up and over” situations in very confined areas with narrow passages. Suitable for indoor or outdoor firm surfaces. The machine is capable of passing through standardized double door; it is ideal for situations where silent and emission-free operation is required.

Diesel booms

Suitable machines for reaching heights between 12.52 m and 43.15 m or with the horizontal reach of up to 21.26 m. Articulating booms allow great variability of work diagrams. They are ideal for outdoor construction and industrial works. Rough terrain models are suitable for movement on the difficult non-firm surfaces. Models with swing axles ensure smoother and more stable movement in the difficult terrain.

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TypeManufacturerMax. working heightCapacityPowertrainDatasheet

Z-30/20 N RJ

GENIE 10,89 m227 kgbatteryDownloadDetail


GENIE 11,14 m227 kgbatteryDownloadDetail


GENIE 12,00 m200 kgbatteryDownloadDetail


GENIE 12,52 m227 kgbatteryDownloadDetail

Z-40/23N RJ

GENIE 14,32 m227 kgbatteryDownloadDetail

Z-45 DC

GENIE 15,92 m300 kgbatteryDownloadDetail

Z-45/25 JDC NM

GENIE 15,94 m227 kgbatteryDownloadDetail

Z-60 DC

GENIE 20,16 m227 kgbatteryDownloadDetail


TypeManufacturerMax. working heightCapacityPowertrainDatasheet

Z-34/22 IC

GENIE 12,52 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

Z-45 XC

GENIE 15,86 m454 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

Z-45/25J RT

GENIE 15,86 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

Z-51/30J RT

GENIE 17,59 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail

Z-62/40 & Z-62/40 TraX

GENIE 20,87 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail


GENIE 25,77 m227 kgdiesel engineDownloadDetail


GENIE 43,15 m272 kgdiesel engineDetail


TypeManufacturerMax. working heightCapacityPowertrainDatasheet

Z-45/25 J Bi-Energy NM

GENIE 15,94 m227 kgdiesel / batteryDownloadDetail

Z-45 FE

GENIE 15,92 m300 kgdiesel / batteryDownloadDetail

Z-60 FE

GENIE 20,16 m227 kgdiesel / batteryDownloadDetail

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