Genie GH, LL and GL line

They lift, lower or move heavy loads in many ways.

  • Robust design, reliable performance and simple handling and control make this platform a leader in wide variety of work field.
  • GENIE offers a wide range of models and accessories. The product programme allows to configure exactly the machine that you need.


Highly durable and at the same time light and portable design. Material lifts Genie can be easily assembled without the need to use any tools and are made ready to be used within several minutes.

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Load Lifter & Super Hoist

TypeBrandLifting heightCapacityPower typeDatasheet

GH 3.8

GENIE 3,80 m34 kgDownloadDetail

GH 5.6

GENIE 5,60 m113 kgDownloadDetail

Genie Lift

TypeBrandLifting heightCapacityPower typeDatasheet

GL 4

GENIE 1,80 m227 kgDownloadDetail

GL 8

GENIE 3,06 m181 kgDownloadDetail

GL 10

GENIE 3,56 m159 kgDownloadDetail

GL 12

GENIE 4,20 m159 kgDownloadDetail

Superlift Contractor

TypeBrandLifting heightCapacityPower typeDatasheet

SLC 12

GENIE 3,94 m295 kgDownloadDetail

SLC 18

GENIE 5,64 m295 kgDownloadDetail

SLC 24

GENIE 7,32 m295 kgDownloadDetail

Superlift Advantage

TypeBrandLifting heightCapacityPower typeDatasheet


GENIE 2,00 m454 kgDownloadDetail

SLA 10

GENIE 3,49 m454 kgDownloadDetail

SLA 15

GENIE 4,98 m363 kgDownloadDetail

SLA 20

GENIE 6,46 m363 kgDownloadDetail

SLA 25

GENIE 7,94 m295 kgDownloadDetail

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