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Statech’s history



STATECH s. r. o. was founded at the end of 2005.

The company’s name is a portmanteau of the Czech words for “construction equipment”.

Even then, one of the two partners held the role of executive manager.

Aerial work platforms have been our primary focus from the very beginning.


Exclusive representative of GENIE

We have been an authorised GENIE distributor for Central and Eastern Europe since 2006.

This year was key for us as we expanded into new markets for sales and service of aerial platforms.


GUNCO Netherlands partner

We entered into a partnership with Gunco Netherlands (now called "mateco") in 2008.


Our company’s first head office

In 2009, we built our first head office to conduct all our activities, opening up the most modern service facility in Central Europe.

Our base of operations, built on a

23,000 m² lot is located in Dolní Beřkovice (Mělník).


Entry of the multinational TVH Group

Our position on the Czech market was reinforced in April 2011 by joining forces with a foreign partner, the Belgium-based TVH. TVH is one of the major players in sales of spare parts. 

As a member of this multinational group, we have easy access to spare parts and technical specifications from all well-known brands.


We are an IPAF member

Since February 2014, we’ve been a member of the International Powered Access Federation Limited, a powerful international organisation known globally under the acronym IPAF. The IPAF promotes the safe and effective use of lifting equipment around the world in the broadest sense possible, by providing information and technical advice, through influencing and interpreting legislation and standards.

It was established in 1983. The IPAF is a non-profit organisation of members representing the interests of manufacturers, distributors, users, renters and training organisations in the field of work platforms. The IPAF plays a key role in supporting many safe working initiatives that have received greater emphasis with the unification of EU legislation. Joining the IPAF was undoubtedly a major step towards the complete professionalism of your work and our sophisticated approach to our customers.


Arrival of a new logo


Completion of new branch in Brno

We completed construction of our new branch in Brno in 2018 on a 10,000 m² lot, thereby improving the reach of our services. 



Another important change in 2018 is the arrival of the new name mateco, which will include all the company's activities related to rental. The reason is the strengthening of rental position under one strong name throughout Europe. Our services and legal entity do not change, you will continue to see STATECH in the activites of sales, service and training.


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